Monorail trailer units are designed to transport piping and flow control products such as valves, pipe fitting and manifolds. The Monorail utility trailer reduces transportation cost by allowing Service Company field operators to pull the units to the oil and gas well pads without a call to a third party transportation company. TSI Fabrication Monorails are designed in house. A monorail trailer is composed of side pipe racks, trailer bed and an overhead hoisting rail structure. A cage is built in to the trailer bed to store valves, pipe elbows, tees, crosses and other flow control products apart from flow line and manifolds. TSI offers both bumper pull and gooseneck Monorail trailers. Contact TSI Fabrication today for your free quote on a custom monorail trailer.

Monorail Trailer

Features and Benefits:

  • Reduce transportation costs
  • Custom rugged design
  • Maintain good housekeeping on location
  • Support Jacks
  • Storage Box
  • Document holder


  • Pipe transportation
  • Choke manifold storage
  • Piping and flow control products storage
Gooseneck Monorail

GOOSENECK MONORAILS: Trailers to carry piping and choke manifolds

Technical Specifications
WxLxH ft (m)
Lb (kg)
Other designs and options available. Consult TSI for more details.

Below are some examples of monorails we have fabricated. On the top left, top right, and bottom left are 14k Bumperpull Monorail. On the bottom right is a 14k Gooseneck Monorail.
14k Bumperpull Monorail
14k Bumperpull Monorail
14k Bumperpull Monorail
14k Gooseneck Monorail